Genital warts are common but potentially dangerous. Caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and transmitted sexually, some strains can lead to squamous, anal, or cervical cancers. Genital warts should be treated by a physician. We offer several options, including anoscopy, a sophisticated, minimally invasive diagnostic tool that provides essential treatment and prognostic information on actual or potential warts and cancers. There’s no embarrassment—our staff is discrete and professional.


Arthur Haughey, P.A. discusses genital warts and its treatment. Genital warts are sexually transmitted viral infections that can occur on the penis, vulva, or anus. In our office, we offer several treatments depending on the size and severity of the cancer. Liquid nitrogen, candida antigen, and photochemotherapy are some very effective options. Our office is one of only a few of dermatologic practices in the greater New York area that provides anoscopy, whereby a very small, thin instrument is placed in the anus to visualize the tissue and see if warts have progressed intra-anally, as this would be a matter of serious concern.