SINY Dermatology has been providing dermatologic, medical, surgical, laser, and cosmetic procedures for complete care of your skin, hair, nails conditions. We accept most commercial insurances and offer services at multiple New York locations to access our offices.


For acne, we provide comprehensive and carefully customized treatment plans and follow-up programs for each individual patient. Among our many services are topical medications, prescription formulas, laser therapy, topical or systematic antibiotics, injectables, microneedling, photodynamic therapy, chemical peels, injection of cysts, and diet/lifestyle changes.


Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores can be embarrassing and uncomfortable at best, painful and ugly at worst. Our board-certified dermatologist will customize a plan to pinpoint the virus that caused your outbreak while reducing your pain, discomfort, and unpleasant appearance.



Genital warts are common but potentially dangerous. Caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and transmitted sexually, some strains can lead to squamous, anal, or cervical cancers. Genital warts should be treated by a physician. We offer several options, including anoscopy, a minimally invasive diagnostic tool. Count on our staff to be discrete and professional.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes your skin cells to grow faster than normal, resulting in red, raised patches of skin covered with silvery-white scales. Although the condition can’t be cured completely, the team of experienced skin experts at SINY® Dermatology can help you reduce and manage your symptoms. To learn more, call your nearest office in Bayridge, Park Slope, or the West Village, New York, today, or schedule an appointment online anytime.


Dry skin can quickly progress from unsightly annoyance to serious health problem. Over-the-counter lotions rarely make a significant difference, but a professional dermatologist can make your skin healthy and hydrated by assessing the cause and providing the most effective treatment for you. You don’t have to live with itchy, peeling, or cracking skin anymore.s, and other undesirable imperfections.



Rosacea is as common as it is unwelcome. You want your skin to be smooth and even, and rosacea doesn’t have to ruin your complexion. SINY® Dermatology, New York’s leading skin care team, offers a range of rosacea treatments from the comfort and convenience of their New York City offices in Park Slope, Bayridge, and the West Village. Get started by calling or booking your appointment online.


More than 90% of people who have eczema developed the chronic skin condition before their fifth birthday. If recurrent eczema rashes leave your skin feeling itchy, dry, and raw, the top-rated team of skin experts at SINY® Dermatology can help. They provide comprehensive skin care solutions and effective management strategies for eczema patients of all ages. Call one of their conveniently located New York offices in Bayridge, Park Slope, or the West Village today, or use the easy online tool to schedule a visit anytime.


Most people don’t think about the way their bodies work to cool them off. But if you live with excessive sweating, you may rarely get a break from worrying about your body’s sweat production. If you’re ready to be done with the discomfort and embarrassment excessive sweating causes, call SINY® Dermatology in New York City. They offer three locations in Park Slope, Bayridge, or the West Village. You can also book your appointment with their expert team online.