These are difficult times. No doubt about it. We find a way to take care of you!

SINY Dermatology has opened a drive-in dermatology treatment center, located at 1305 86th Street, Brooklyn 11228. The goal of this facility is to treat patients who are apprehensive about going to a medical office in the midst of the pandemic. Those who are concerned of a closed office environment will be treated in an outdoor setting within your comfort. At the time of their appointment, Patients drive their cars into the treatment tent one at a time, we hope to ensure minimal contact and distance measures. A board-certified physician assistant or a dermatologist will consult patients while you remain in your car or if required within the exam room located in the tent.

The setup will function as a semi-dermatology practice, able to provide consultations for most regular office visits & follow-ups. Additionally, providers will be able to send prescriptions and schedule follow-up appointments. Cosmetic and surgical procedures will not be performed at this location, however in our centrally located offices throughout New York City upon the initial consultation.

Location: 1305 86th Street, Brooklyn 11228

Days of Operation: Monday & Friday

Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

Drive-In Dermatology effectively provides consultation for:

Prescription refills | General consultation| Follow up | Acne | Rash| Spots | Dermatitis | Eczema | Warts | Rosacea| Psoriasis| Hair follicles | Insect bites | Alopecia | Cold sores | Skin cuts | Abrasions | Moles | Skin infections | Redness| Bruises & MANY OTHER DERMATOLOGIC CONDITIONS.